We focus on efficiency and innovation

Continuously investing in improvement and performance, we dare to think differently to find new solutions. These are based on extensive research, data analysis, tests and trials. We know it’ll be the right choice for you because we have done the work.

Our proven track record ensures that we are a leading authority on aluminium capsules.

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Quality control.

We make no compromises in our quest for maximum quality. That’s why we continually monitor the performance and production of our empty capsules in our research laboratory.

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We are always finding ways to improve processes in ways that positively impact productivity and effectiveness. Like cutting waiting or idle times, reducing material waste through better design and recycling or strengthening our supply base.

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Technical innovation

True innovation is a continuous process. It delivers new or improved products or processes that are significantly different and better than before. We conduct extensive research into the shape of our capsules, but also their volume and material composition. The result is improved compatibility, better extraction and flow properties, more reliable sealing and greater durability.

Did you know?

AluSense developed the
world’s first aluminium Nespresso®*
compatible capsule.


Our vision on

In our drive for excellence we aim to produce the best aluminium coffee capsules on the market. That is why, to ensure the perfect espresso, we make no compromises on quality.

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand when it comes to aluminium material. Not only is it impermeable and preserves food perfectly, it’s also infinitely and easily recyclable. In fact recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy that’s used to produce the initial primary metal.


facts and figures

The material specifications of aluminium make it particularly advantageous to the food industry. Discover 4 key facts about why aluminium is the best solution on the market:


of aluminium ever produced is still being (re)used.


Aluminium is a fully and infinitely recyclable material.

g/ cm3

Reducing impact on transportation cost.

Aluminium is completely impermeable, ensuring zero loss of taste or freshness.


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